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LocationLatvia, Costa Rica and Belgium
Other locationstudios all over the world


Coming into the limelight in 2013, the company is a software developer for live dealer games with intent focus on creating engaging platforms at land-based casinos where players get to be part of live dealer games from any device or live at the casinos.

The once young iGaming platform has garnered the attention of the best in the industry with access to young talents with broad experience in both online and on-ground dealer games. This in-house talent gave Ezugi the confidence to build a solid reputation in the industry, and because online gaming is laced with distrust and skepticism, Ezugi built a system that has earned the thumbs up from players around the world, experts and casinos.

Since coming into the gambling scene, this software developing company has produced an unparalleled gaming experience for players and partners alike. Ezugi deals in live deals with casino action streamed live from their studios. In addition, to live streaming from their based studios located in Cambodia, Belgium, and Costa Rica, Ezugi also streams live from 9 other studios located around the world. Among its studios are some based in Europe, including Bulgaria, Malta, the UK, Latvia, Romania, and Spain to mention, but a few?

Ezugi games have improved significantly by relying on high definition graphics, seamless integration, professional dealers and dealership; they have been able to capture the big names in the industry with plenty of partners on the online live dealer gambling scene. Ezugi is licensed by the Curacao eGaming licensing authority that currently offers 20 live dealer games and with over 100 gambling sites around the world.

Been a live dealer eGaming platform, Ezugi needed a base that can transport their games to players without stress. It officially became part of the Evolution Gaming Group, which further affirms the credibility of the site and its efficiency.

2019 also saw the launching of Ezugi studio in Bucharest with the Baccarat 3.0 Ezugi, HTML5 that allows Ezugi games to be played on mobile devices as part of a live dealer with a seamless, user-friendly interface for stay-at-home mobile users.

As part of expanding into new territories, Ezugi has extended its gaming tentacles into mainstream Indian games with two games Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. These localized Indian games are been injected with the Ezugi finesse making them more appealing to old and new clients alike.

2020 saw Ezugi expanding into unchartered territories, and after a soft launch of a new table at the Marina Casino in Ski Lanka, there are talks to expand their live stream dealer to Africa, and South Africa is a viable spot.

Although Ezugi has managed to take their games into many territories and casinos across the world, finding a spot in the USA was the cherry on the cake. It was the first of its kind and featured a 2000 square-foot studio that operated throughout the day and all week.

For the better part of it, Ezugi has had a great year, and although their revenue is not known to the penny and cents, the company reported making a $177 million earned at the Nugget with online revenue reaching over 14 million which was over 50 percent more since its inception in 2013.

Ezugi is a licensed body, but to infiltrate other markets across the world, they needed to ensure they follow all the law that will enable them to build a successful and reputable live stream dealer platform at their location. In keeping up with the licensing and registration, Ezugi is registered and licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board allowing them to set up in South Africa.

Furthermore, they also gained a letter of recognition from the Malta Gambling Authority enabling them to showcase their games, including live streaming their dealer studios. Ezugi is also looking to expand into the European market with Italy and Spain as the first to taste their live games; they hope to also divert to Sweden and Denmark next.

Ezugi success over the year, it was due to their unflinching eye for perfection and their diverse partnership that showcased their works to the world; something that the gaming platform is searching for in land-based casinos where over the table dealer games can be played.

Some of Ezugi partnerships that have greatly improved the eGaming site are with BtoBet, Evolution games, Bede, and Patagonia among others. Their partnership with BtoBet is based on strategy as this company is known for its innovative and technology intelligence to bring excitement and ease to their gaming platform and the dynamic gambling scene. Some games on this site are Baccarat OTT and other Ezugi games.

Ezugi also launched live on Queenco as the demand for their games and to provide a solution to clients growing demands of the Ezugi live games. Ezugi entered an agreement with a leading supplier of online gaming software Bede Gaming to integrate their live casino games in the platform to enable more players can get access to the fun and excitement of Ezugi games.

This partnership allows of Ezugi games including roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. One excellent partnership that gave Ezugi thumbs up was their agreement with Patagonia. This collaboration would see Ezugi go live in South America, including Brazil and Mexico – to Ezugi, an opportunity to buy a stake in the Latin gambling economy.

Finally, Ezugi has over 19 games, and currently streaming live from 9 studios across the world. Their games include blackjack, baccarat, and wheel of dice, live lottery, and many more. The games are also fully compatible with iOS and Android devices and allow for minimal distraction during play.


Ezugi's biggest operator platform is 1Xbet that showcase all of Ezugi. However, Queenco, Bede, and Evolution Gaming all host a variety of Ezugi live dealers on their site. Players in any region in the world can enjoy Ezugi games on their smart devices, including phones and tablets because the games are HTML5 certified or join a live dealer table from any of their partners.


Ezugi Games

Ezugi offers both live tables and online games that are compatible with most smart devices. Most of their games are streamed live from studios situated in Europe, the Americans, and even Asia. 

While they have public tables open to all that want to bet in their games, the platform also offers private tables or customizable ones for specific players.

The public tables can accept limitless numbers of players, and individuals do not have the claim to a sit. So, whether you are on the casino floor, in your living room, on your smartphone, you can access Ezugi live dealers or games without problems.

Dragon Tiger

This is another version of the Baccarat card game from Ezugi. It is the simplest of the betting game for a newbie into the world of online, or live-gambling. In this game, 2 cards are drawn, signifying the tiger and the dragon.

Like any other betting game, the player is to decipher which if the cards have a higher number to win a bet. The game is available on most online casino sites hosting Ezugi or on their website. This is a fun and easy to playbecause the game fills with amazing graphics, user-friendly interface and available for play 24/7 with some mouth-watering payout. If you like group plays, this is the best game to break boredom with your friends while you stake on the site and with each other for the biggest wins.

Bet on Numbers

This is another exciting live-streamed game from Ezugi Baltic Studio, and players have the chance to bet on numbers or colors with incredible payouts. With 36 combinations available, you have the chance of sum of balls drawn or the colors drawn to affect a win. To play this game, the dealer rolls out 6 balls at an interval between 2 to 5 minutes until the total balls are complete. Bet on Numbers is available on the site or their numerous partners and in casinos associated with the platform. For a more exciting play, you can bet multiple times of a draw to increase the payout, it is available 24/7 with unlimited players accessing it at once. With enough multipliers, you can be sure of a win every time a ball is drawn.


Hook up with Ezugi’s Latvian studio for the live Keno broadcast for a classic draw ball game. The games involved betting on one to 8 balls by manually choosing the numbers that might appear during a draw or using the auto pick button where the machine helps you make a pick. Live Keno is available on the website or several casinos and online betting sites like Bet Swagger.

To play, all players must place their bets at the start of the game, and all winnings will be displayed before the next game. The games allow for the unlimited player, available in 6 languages, and live chats make it livelier.

Andar Bahar

Ezugi's mission is to take their games to the corners of the earth. Andar Bahar is one of Ezugi’s online gaming available for Indian audiences. The games launched in 2019 allow players to make 8 rounds of bets in this rather focused but exciting game. Andar Bahar is pc and mobile devices compatible, available 24/7 with attractive wins that will make you play continuously.

Casino Hold’em

Bet small, win big in the classic most popular casino game broadcast live by Ezugi from their Eastern Europe studio. This game allows for an unlimited number of players who all place a bet on one deckhand, which automatically sees fabulous returns on small investments. With side bonuses and payouts of 7:1 and 100:1, players enjoy the simple interface and professional dealership of the dealers on the table. Available on your mobile devices, now you can connect with the studio for some mouth-watering payouts.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular card game played in the world, and Ezugi has not deviated from the original nature of the game. However, they have managed to make it more interesting, entertaining, and colorful with professional dealers; you cannot but want to place a bet too. The games only allow people to sit up to 7 players but offer unlimited betting options, including doubles, splits or play on a right hand. Like with all Ezugi games, Blackjack is available on mobile devices, and a full payout is made when players win.

Live Ezugi Roulette

Whether it reminds you of the Russian style roulette, this live auto roulette by Ezugi is streamed from their European studio and compatible on all mobile devices 24/7. Unlike the casino-style roulette, players can customize their play, and play for unlimited time on the fully automated wheel. Ezugi games have added their graphics touch and simplicity to the game to make it even more exciting to the players. Players also get to add players, record video and audio sessions during play, get live support, and chat live with other players or customer support. This increases the excitement and boosts your bets. Auto Roulette is available on most online casinos and on the website too.

The following are some of Ezugi games; with almost 20 games in their live gambling catalog, you know your chances of winning a bet are greater than one. Furthermore, Ezugi's ability to incorporate astounding graphics, improve playability, and make their games available on multiple gaming platforms for easy access has distinguished them in the industry.

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